Typ Sky Assistance offers you to devise the perfect flight program in compliance with all the particularities of your needs.

Ground Handling

We organize and coordinate the airport ground handling facilities in all the airports in ex-URSS, for any type of aircraft.

We offer for air carriers a general support of high quality:


-Prepare docs to flight:  filing of flight plans on ATC, collection of weather & NOTAMs and deliver to crew before every flight departs;

-Supervise the MVT and the servicing of ground equipment on the rump. Our supervisor doesn’t live the side of aircraft until the aircraft departure;

     -Customs or immigration Assistance;

     -Crew and passenger transportation to hotels or for  sight-seeing during your stay in France or Russia;

     -Air Catering. We assist our clients in booking air catering, we co-ordinate with air catering company to insure on-time delivery;

     -The years of work have permitted us to establish close contacts with the authorities and the agents of CAA. We can help you to obtain the over flight and landing permission on Russian and French territories.